Lakes of Killarney

The three main lakes of Killarney occupy a broad valley stretching south between the mountains and are all part of Killarney's National Park. The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens lies just 2 miles from on the shores of the Lower Lake, which is the closest lake to Killarney Town and Ross Castle and Muckross Abbey lie on the Eastern Shore of the Lower Lake. On this lake, visitors to Killarney can enjoy a covered boat trip on the Lily of Killarney which departs from Ross Castle regularly for scenic tours of the Lower Lake.
The Lower Lake is separated from the Middle Lake (sometimes called Muckross Lake) by the wooded peninsula of Muckross. At the tip of the Muckross Peninsula is the quaint Brickeen Bridge and Dinis Island is further on with its sub-tropical vegetation and views of the 'Meeting of the Waters'. A narrow straight called the Long Range leads to the island-studded Upper Lake, which is surrounded by lush vegetation. The Upper Lake may be reached by travelling through the Gap of Dunloe, adjacent to the hotel, a very scenic tour.
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