Environmental Policy

Killarney Hotels Ltd. Is a collection of 3 unique and outstanding properties in the South West of Ireland including The Europe Hotel & Resort (5*), The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens (5*) and Ard na Sidhe Country House (4*). 

At Killarney Hotels Ltd., we are committed to the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the environment for future generations of our guests and employees. We recognise the impact of our operations on the environment and are committed to identifying and minimizing any detrimental effects that may occur. By working together, we can contribute to a cleaner and safer environment and ensure environmental issues remain a focal point and receive proper attention. 

The Europe Hotel & Resort & The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens are delighted to be part of the Killarney Hotels Sustainability Group which is a group of 22 hotels that commit to continuously striving to reduce the environmental impact of our services and activities, increase the well-being of our employees and promote responsible governance in the way we run our business. For 2020 we are focused and committed to reducing our Carbon Emissions by 25% and operating a Single Use Plastic Environment. 

Sourcing Responsibly & Locally 
The Liebherr Family (hotel owners) own and operate one of the largest farms in Co. Kerry, which is between The Europe Hotel & Resort and The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens. Our farmers rear livestock to produce our own beef and lamb for the hotel menu, thus reducing the ‘food miles’ and ensuring our guests enjoy trustworthy, higher welfare and locally produced produce. The land stretches over 400 acres in the shadow of MacGillycuddy’s Reeks by Lough Lein from The Europe Hotel & Resort to The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens, and the farm is home to sheep and to over 350 head cattle, a combination of Aberdeen Angus, Charolais and Limousin. Historically, sheep and cattle that were reared at the farm were sold at a market or directly to factory, however in the last couple of years it has produced beef and lamb, which proudly features on the hotels’ menus. Seán Moriarty has been managing the farm for over 30 years and meets with the Chefs on a weekly basis to discuss the needs of their dishes. He also works closely with a local butcher to ensure the perfect treatment and aging of the meats. Having a close relationship results in a product of exceptional quality and of higher welfare, which supports the local community. 

Key Measures: 
 In delivering our commitment, we will comply with relevant environment legislation and take a proactive approach to future requirements and obligations.

 We seek to conserve natural resources through the responsible use of energy, water and materials. 

 Monitoring and improving our recycling in areas such as energy consumption, reduction of waste materials and water consumption. 

 Work with our suppliers to reduce carbon footprint and reduce the waste generated. 

 Promoting efficient energy management and utilization. 

 Monitoring water usage and encouraging water conservation. 

 Managing waste and developing recycling initiatives. 

 Communicating this policy and relevant environmental control to employees, suppliers and guests. 

 All of the hotel’s ‘to go’ coffee cups and lids are recyclable. 

 Our  ‘to go’ picnic bags are reusable and the containers within are recyclable. 

 The hotel is replacing single use plastic straws with biodegradable alternatives. 

 4 x electric vehicle charging points are available at The Europe & The Dunloe. 

 The hotels are heavily focused on food sustainability and seasonality. 

 At The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens we have additionally also a herb garden 

 If you have any questions, please contact our Sales Office on hotelsales@liebherr.com

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