Thoughtful Luxury Gifts for Christmas 2020

Staying connected with family and friends is always important with the Christmas season giving an extra opportunity to show our appreciation and care for the people in our lives. After the challenging times experienced in 2020, thoughtful and meaningful giving is a way to spoil loved ones as well as feel closer regardless of the distance.  2020 Christmas Gift-Giving TrendsThis festive season is very different to other years and many people are looking for ways to personalise their giving. CNBC reports this sense of intentionality saying, “In a time of social distancing, financial hardship and illness from Covid-19, online searches and purchasing patterns indicate that holiday shoppers are seeking meaningful gifts.”The Dunloe Hotel & Gardens Christmas Presents ... more
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Top 10 Things to Do in Kerry in the Rain

Rain is an essential part of the Irish experience! Discover the top rainy-day activities throughout Kerry.If you are planning a trip to Kerry, then it’s important to be prepared for rain. Fortunately, there are plenty of all-weather visitor attractions and indoor attractions throughout the county, so there is certainly no shortage of things to do in Kerry in the rain.Rainfall in Kerry, IrelandDecember and January are generally the wettest months.April and June tend to be the driest months.Rainfall in Ireland is rarely torrential and is usually mild.How to Prepare for the Irish Weather: 5 TipsBefore heading out for the day, get the weather forecast by visiting the official Met Eireann website.Invest in a good quality umbrella that is durable and that won’t break in the ... more
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