Wedding Planning in Ireland in 2015

According to the annual survey on attitudes to weddings in Ireland, the average couple waits approximately 19 months between their engagement and their wedding date. More than 1 in 4 couples wait over 2 years. This gives them ample time for planning their wedding.The CSO latest statistics on ‘Marriage and Civil Partnerships’ was released in September 2014 and outlined the figures for the previous year in 2013. The figures showed that there were 20,680 marriages in 2013, which averages out at 4.5 marriages per 1,000 of the population and 338 civil partnerships in total in the same year.Wedding Budgets and Financial PlanningThe survey revealed that more than 1 in 3 couples go over their set budget for their wedding and almost 1 in 5 c ... more
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The History of Valentine’s Day and the Irish Connection

The story of St. Valentine is not clear cut. There are many myths and legends that surround the “Patron Saint of Lovers”. While many are myths and legends that are unaccounted for, what remains is a portrait of a heroic romantic .The Catholic Church recognises several saints with the names Valentine or Valentinus. The Legends of St. ValentineOne account of St. Valentine is that he was a priest in Rome during the 3rd century. During this time, the ruling Emperor Claudius II believed that single men made much better soldiers compared to their married counterparts as a single man’s duty would be to serve and protect Rome and its conquests. By comparison, a married man held additional duties as a husband and father so the Emperor outlawed marriage for young men ... more
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