Bird watching in County Kerry

Kerry is a great environment for bird lovers. It’s such a mixture of habitats – mountain, woodland, coast, lake and river – and its location makes it a natural resting point for migrants crossing the Atlantic.All year round, you will find something of interest in Kerry. The Killarney National Park is of special interest with some of the most important yew woodlands in Europe among its varied landscape. A little further afield, the Beara is a unique, limestone landscape with an otherworldly beauty and an ecosystem all of its own. There are several unique local variants on more widely known species to be added to your spotting list.A seasonal guide In the spring, the National Park and the famous lakes around Killarney are alive with dippers, coal tits and jay. Sis ... more
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Things to Do in Killarney

With abundant natural beauty, a rich history, no shortage of things to do or places to visit, all the modern amenities you could wish for and a hugely welcoming local populace, it’s little wonder that Killarney is one of Ireland’s top tourism hubs. Here’s a brief guide to this magnificent town in County Kerry.Killarney’s historyReligious settlements were prominent in Killarney’s early history, with the earliest known monastery lying on nearby Innisfallen Island and founded by St Finian the Leper in 640 AD. It remained occupied for more than eight centuries.Aghadoe, a village overlooking modern Killarney, is thought to have originated as a pagan religious site, with 7th century ogham stones the earliest evidence of its existence. Nearby, the Parkavone ... more
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