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Luxury Hotels Ireland

Dublin is the most visited tourist destination in Ireland. It would make sense that the capital city with the main airport and a large sea port would attract so many visitors, many travelling the world to arrive in Dublin and even more visiting for a weekend city break in a lively European city. If you want a different type of holiday, travelling to a luxury hotel in Ireland is a good bet, and Killarney as the second most visited tourist destination is perfectly set up to cater for all needs, especially those looking for a haven of relaxation.

Killarney has been a tourist destination for over a hundred years. Often seen as the starting point for the Ring of Kerry over two million people come to Killarney every year. Being such an attraction Killarney can accommodate whatever type of holiday you are looking for, including a decadent weekend with its many luxury hotels.

The main attraction in Killarney is Killarney National Park. This beautiful nature reserve is a resort of natural luxury. Spending hours walking through its beauty will have anyone relaxed, if you spend the morning walking and enjoy a picnic lunch prepared by your hotel you will feel like perfection. Relaxing strolls through nature can soothe any stress, but follow up your wanderings in Killarney National Park by visiting a spa, receiving an aromatherapy massage or a skin brightening facial and you will feel like the most pampered person on the earth.

Luxury Hotels Ireland

Of course with Killarney being such a natural beauty spot it makes sense to engage in outdoor activities. Not every outdoor activity has to be high energy though and some of Killarney’s attractions are perfect for finding peace and quiet that will allow your worries to slip away. Take a boat out on the lakes in Killarney, gently rowing through the placid lakes listening to the sounds of nature in summer sun will be a memory that brings peace to your mind months after when you have returned to the world of emails and morning commutes. You can even get something else to propel you through the Killarney scenery. Whether you are an experienced horse rider or have only ever seen a horse on a trip to the races some luxury hotels and many stables in Killarney can find the perfect horse for you. A relaxed horse ride along the terrain or a breezy canter will get your endorphins flowing and you can bask in the thrill of nature’s friendliest travel method.

When night comes and you are ready to go out Killarney will offer a whole host of dining options. Everyone will find a restaurant to suit them, whether you are planning on fine dining in a 5 star luxury hotel’s restaurant or a home cooked meal in the many pubs Killarney offers a plethora of ways to finish the evening.

If you have never treated yourself to a luxury break now is the time. With hotels going out of their way to cater for the needs of every guest, ensuring every stay is memorable and soothing a luxury break is the perfect way to forget your worries.

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